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Doolin writers

Event date: 25th - 27th Jan 2019

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Event date: 15th - 17th June 2018

Writers' Weekend - Workshops

Doolin Writers’ Workshops 2018


All workshops and Open Office Hours included in the weekend ticket price of €99

Single workshops €40



2-5pm          Short Story Workshop with John MacKenna

2-5pm          Writing for Young Adults Sarah Moore Fitzgerald(in association with UL Creative Writing)

2-5pm          Creative Writing Workshops in local schools with Stephen Murray, Dave Lordan & Kim Hood



Various        Tramp Press Open Office Hours

                  Got a question about publishing, books, or just looking for some great recommendations?

                  Open Office Hours was created to help open doors around the business of books and to break down perceived barriers

                  between writers, readers and publishers.

                  We invite you to chat to us about whatever books-related topic you'd like.

                  Come say hi, ask about the sector, how the slush pile works, or show us some projects you're working on.

                  Booking is free, and no questions are off-limits!(Except, of course, legal advice!)

                  A sign up sheet will be available on the Friday night of the festival. Sign up for a 20 

                  minute chat-slot and we'll look forward to seeing you.

                  Slots available for weekend ticket holders only.


9.30-12.30   Writing the Essay with Sinéad Gleeson.

                  There are many ways to tell a story, and the essay is one of the most elastic forms in contemporary writing.

                  Many of today's most daring writers of the self are working in auto-fiction, memoir and personal essays,

                  from James Baldwin and Joan Didion, to John Jeremiah Sullivan, Maggie Nelson and Leslie Jamison. Sinéad

                  explores the art of the essay, past and present, focusing on the skills required for life-writing and first-person non-fiction.

                  This workshop will put into practice, beginnings and structure,

                  making the personal universal and learning how to extract the key elements of your own story.



9.30-12.30  Advanced Fiction: Narrative Voice with Sean O'Reilly

                 'The house of fiction has many windows, but only two or three dorrs,' -James Woods.

                 The choice of narrative point of view is probably the biggest decision a writer will face when composing a story.

                 Narration is concerned with the weight and significance given to the character's consciousness in the story, the 

                 relationship between their inner and outer life. In this workshop, we will try to look more closely into these

                 narrative decisions in short fiction; when a story needs to be told in the first person for example, or the difference

                 between an up-close third person narration and a playful omniscience, or why a writer might chose to 

                stay entirely on the surface of a character, keeping silent about their interior world, whatever that may be.



2-5pm       Conversations on the Novel: Fiction Workshop with Sally Rooney

                 What is a novel? Why write one? What are the rules of form, and how can we bend and break them to suit the 

                stories we want to tell? Suitable for new writers who are struggling to finish a book (or start one), this workshop 

                explores the novel as a genre and poses questions about its basic elements; plot, characters, voice and setting.



2-5pm       Blurring the Lines: Experimental Fiction Workshop with Rob Doyle

                Through close reading of work by playful and inventive authors, past and present, participants will be encouraged

                to experiment with styles and techniques that deviate from conventional forms of prose fiction.

                In a friendly, stimulating environment, both beginners and more advanced writers will examine and practice

                techniques such as cut-ups, autofiction, writing with constraints, 'found' texts, randomness, microfictions, fragmentary

                writing, prose which blurs the line between fiction and reality, and more.




9am-12    Cliff Ginko with Kathy D'Arcy

               Back by popular demand. A ginko is a walk taken by Japanese Haiku writers specifically to gain inspiration:

               this workshop is based on that idea. We'll combine meditative interest in our surroundings, mindful walking and writing

               exercises designed to stimulate imagination, and finish with a sharing of work back in the comfort of Hotel Doolin.

               The workshop will involve over an hour of walking on uneven and possibly muddy ground on the Cliffs of Moher walking trail,

               so bring suitable walking boots, a waterproof coat, water, snacks and something to sit on. Oh, and don't forget your imagination.




2-5pm      Poetry Workshop with Kimberly Campanello

                In this session we will start by briefly work-shopping some previously written poems by participants and discuss

               strategies for development and revision. We will then explore a range of experimental writing techniques and 

               apply them to generate new poems for discussion. Participants should come ready to experiment! 



2-5pm      Fiction NCT- Fine tuning your fiction with Lisa Frank and John Walsh from Doire Press.

               In this hands-on workshop you will be given practical advice on how to better edit your fiction to make it submission ready.

               Based on our experience as publishers and the submissions we receive, we will focus on common mistakes fiction writers make

               in their work and the best ways to fix them.



2-5pm      Making it up as we go along with Anthony Glavin: Aimed at those who have recently begun or always wanted to try their hand

               at writing fiction, the workshop will explore various elements of the process, via discussion and written excercises both. Finding 

               your voice, and questions of form will be explored, along with characterisation, and how best to sustain the story-telling impulse

               through to completion.


               Free for unwaged.