Doolin writers

Writers' Weekend

Doolin writers

Event date-3-5 Feb 2017

Doolin Folk

Folk Festival

Doolin Folk

Event date-16-18 June 2017

Craft Beer

Craft Beer and Roots Festival

Craft Beer

Event date-25-27 Aug 2017

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2017 Programme

Writers' Weekend - Programme

Doolin Writers’ Weekend Programme 2017


1-3pm                     Workshops  in local schools with E.R Murray, Dave Rudden & Julian Gough

7-8pm                     Opening drinks reception taking place in Hotel Doolin Lobby

                               Sponsored by Erne Wines and Writers’ Tears Whiskey

8pm                        Tramp Press present Mike McCormack and Sara Baume in the Aileen Suite

                               Alan McMonagle advance reading from novel Ithaca

9pm                         Prize-giving Doolin Writers’ Weekend Competitions presented in the Aileen Suite

10pm                       Music in Fitz’s Bar with Off The Walnuts in Fitz's Bar



10am-1pm               Poetry Workshop with Elaine Feeney in the Snug Bar

10am-1pm               Advanced Fiction with Mike McCormack in the Aileen Suite

10am- 1pm              Start That Feckin’ Novel with E.M. Reapy in Ballyvara House

2pm- 4pm                Spit and Polish Editing Workshop with Declan Meade in the Aileen Suite

2.30pm-4.30pm        Cliff Ginko with Kathy D’Arcy, please meet in the Hotel lobby

5pm- 6.30pm            Mad Hatter’s Tea Party featuring readings from Rita-Ann Higgins, Karl Parkinson, Sarah Clancy,                                                     Dmitra Xidou and Alvy Carrager. Sponsored by Gunpowder Gin. Taking pace in the Aileen Suite.

7pm                          Trad Session in Fitz’s Bar

8.30pm                      Ogham Stone Literary Journal Launch in the Aileen Suite.

9.30pm                     Reading – Claire-Louise Bennett in Fitz's Bar

                                 Pirate Open Mic hosted by Dave Lordan and Karl Parkinson in Fitz's Bar

Midnight- Late           Discotheque with DJ Will Softly in Fitz's Bar



2.30-5.30pm                Short Fiction with Anthony Glavin in the Aileen Suite

10am- 1pm                  Making it now- Experimental Fiction with Dave Lordan in Ballyvara House

11.30am-1.30pm-        Publishing Panel hosted by June Caldwell featuring Anna Kelly, Ivan Mulcahy, Sarah Davis-Goff,

                                     Lisa Coen and Sallyanne Sweeney in the Aileen Suite